Astell & Kern AK 380
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Astell & Kern AK 380 EXDEMO

Astell & Kern AK 380. Portable player. EXDEMO

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Located at the apex of Astell & Kern's celebrated range of portable audio players, the AK380 is an exceptional product that brings the heights of excellence to its class performance to the heights of excellence. Designed from strictly professional standards to fit the demands of the most demanding recording engineers, the AK380 combines the extraordinary technical sophistication of the South Korean manufacturer with a construction and finishes worthy of true luxury. Prodigious in terms of its technical possibilities, the AK380 stands out first for its ability to process bit-bit signals with native 32-bit resolution and sampling frequency up to 384 kHz, combining refined audio circuitry With high-precision 32-bit D / A converters (specifically AKM AK4490). There is also in the digital section of the AK380 another element that makes the difference: the use, for the first time in a product of its kind, of a synchronized clock based on voltage controlled quartz glass (VCXO) with a level of "jitter "Of 200 femtoseconds, or 0.2 picoseconds, which allows reproducing the audio signals with a realism and level of refinement comparable to the best digital sources of the moment. The AK380 also incorporates a 20-band parametric equalizer (PEQ) (with 0.11 dB step adjustments) assisted by DSP rather than the less precise graphic equalizers (GEQ) for the user to adjust the sound characteristics to their preferences , While a sophisticated aerospace-grade duralumin construction with pressure-sensitive metal buttons brings a unique sense of exclusivity. The AK380 can also be connected to DLNA via wireless (v1.0) via the exclusive AK Connect App, allowing you to play music files from, for example, a NAS or PC or Mac computer, listen Streaming music from a mobile phone / tablet or even downloading audio content from any Astell & Kern product.

Technical characteristics

  •     Absolute reference portable audio player.
  •     Designed with strictly professional standards.
  •     It is capable of reproducing bit-bit signals up to 32 bits / 384 kHz.
  •     Equipped with 2 D / A converters with 32-bit architecture.
  •     DSD64 / 128 compatible.
  •     Compatible Bluetooth v4.0.
  •     Possibility to use as external digital processor (DAC).
  •     Parametric equalizer (PEQ) to customize the sound.
  •     Balanced / unbalanced analog outputs and optical digital output.
  •     Frequency response of 10-70,000 Hz, +/- 0.55 dB.
  •     -135 dB crosstalk in balanced mode.
  •     Signal-to-noise ratio of 117 dB.
  •     Reference synchronizing clock with jitter level of 0.2 ps.
  •     Output impedance 1 ohm in line and 2 ohms in headphones.
  •     Dimensions: 79'8x112'4x17'9 mm (W x H x D).
  •     Weight: 230 g.