Astell & Kern AK 320
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Astell & Kern AK 320 EXDEMO

Astell & Kern AK 320. Portable player. EXDEMO

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The AK320 is a new proposal from Astell & Kern to bring the most genuine high resolution sound to a greater number of fans. Aesthetics and construction identical to those of the fabulous AK380, with its characteristic asymmetrical shape and glass rear panel, make the AK320 immediately impact at first sight, giving the user the feeling of being a truly exclusive product. To this must be added a pressure-sensitive control interface located in the chassis itself, which serves as the "Home button", facilitating the user access to a menu system with multiple management options and adjustment and is governed From a rotary knob integrated in one of the sides of the apparatus.

From the technological point of view, the AK320 is a new demonstration of Astell & Kern's obsession to put high-resolution audio in the palm of the owner's hand, using a series of unique solutions not only in Products of its kind, but also in very high-level desktop models. Thus, in the D / A conversion section, like its older brother, it uses two of the sophisticated AK4490 chips to achieve perfect reproduction of PCM encoded contents up to 24 bits / 192 kHz. In the case of DSD recordings, converts them (DSD64 / 128) to 24-bit / 176 kHz PCM.
Another key technological element of the AK320 is found in the extremely precise - unique in the devices of its category - sync clock that incorporates, based on a voltage controlled quartz crystal oscillator (VCXO) and with a jitter level of 200 femtoseconds (0.2 picoseconds). It also includes powerful USB-DAC functionality for easy connection to a PC or Mac, as well as a 20-band parametric equalizer, generous connectivity -with and without cables- and the ability to control from other mobile devices via a dedicated "app" .

Technical characteristics

  •     Reference portable audio player.
  •     Capable to reproduce bit by bit PCM signals up to 24 bits / 192 kHz.
  •     Equipped with 2 D / A converters with 32-bit architecture.
  •     DSD64 / 128 compatible with previous conversion to PCM.
  •     Compatible Bluetooth v4.0.
  •     Possibility to use as external digital processor (DAC).
  •     20-band parametric equalizer (PEQ) to customize sound.
  •     Balanced analog outputs and optical digital output.
  •     Internal memory 128 GB + external (optional) 128 GB via SD.
  •     Wireless connectivity via DLNA 1.0 + management via dedicated "app".
  •     Frequency response of 10-70,000 Hz, +/- 0.55 dB (balanced mode).
  •     -135 dB crosstalk (balanced mode.
  •     Signal-to-noise ratio of 117 dB (balanced mode).
  •     Reference synchronizing clock with jitter level of 0.2 ps.
  •     Output impedance 1 ohm in line and 2 ohms in headphones.
  •     Dimensions: 75'15x112'4x16'45 mm (W x H x D).
  •     Weight: 217 g.