Marantz MCR 611


Marantz MCR 611. DAB / DAB+ and FM tuner and CD player. EXDEMO

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Combining advanced streaming and digital multimedia features with Marantz's renowned sound quality, the Melody Media (M-CR611) features a slim and stylish design and is available in striking finishes. It includes support for Spotify Connect, as well as a large number of other digital multimedia features and for "streaming". It also allows you to play content from music libraries stored on NAS ("Network Attached Storage") or on a computer, as well as to facilitate access to thousands of free radio stations available on the Internet, even supporting Apple's AirPlay technology. The user can also control it from a portable device - both iOS and Android - through the free "app" Marantz Hi-Fi Remote.

As far as audio performance is concerned, Melody Media is equipped to play the most popular high-resolution digital formats - 24 bits / 192 kHz - including ALAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and DSD, while offering the possibility of playing CD and radio stations in DAB / DAB + and FM.
In addition, the M-CR611 includes a simple Wi-Fi connection with a single press. This connection has also been upgraded to the high-speed version 11n in order to provide a faster and more reliable connection. The Bluetooth connection with NFC further expands the connectivity options, while the Apple i devices can be connected via a front USB port that is reinforced by an extra back port for improved ease of use and two digital inputs for the Connection to a TV. A power output of 2x60 watts allows the Melody Media to provide a high-class sound, while offering the demanding user the option of bi-amping operation. To finish, a new methacrylate topcoat provides an effective anti-scratch coating for the M-CR611 to remain in top of the range conditions.

Technical characteristics

  • Ultra-compact all-in-one lifestyle system.
  • Built-in DAB / DAB+ and FM tuner and CD player.
  • Supports Bluetooth aptX (with NFC) and AirPlay.
  • Support for Spotify Connect.
  • 2 USB ports (front + back) and 2 optical digital inputs.
  • Compatible with ALAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and DSD files.
  • Output power of 2x60 W over 6 ohms at 1 kHz.
  • Frequency response of 5-40,000 Hz.
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of 90 dB.
  • Dimensions: 292x111x305 mm (W x H x D).
  • Weight: 3.4 kg.



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