List of products by brand MÉTRONOME

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Le Player 2 is the affordable high-end CD player and DAC combo for audio enthusiasts. It is characterized by fabulous acoustic reproduction.

The DAC is accessed via the USB input and decodes all file formats up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. Version 2S reads the DSD up to 256.

In its Silver aluminum version, Le Player will be integrated into your system with the utmost elegance.

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With the specific design of the DS range, DSS will allow you to play music stored on your local network with any Apple or Android application that supports DLNA or UPnP.

DSS supports all PCM formats up to 32-bit / 384 kHz and DSD64 (DoP).

The DSS chassis is made of solid steel and aluminum for the front panel, available in black and silver finishes

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LE DAC by METRONOME truly joins LE PLAYER with the same philosophy of product positioning: to offer the same quality of reproduction and quality of sound reproduction as much more expensive products designed and manufactured under the METRONOME brand.

Both products are manufactured in the METRONOME workshops after having been designed in the METRONOME design office, with the aim of proposing a high-end device with a smart price.

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Like all DAC + CD hybrids, AQWO perpetuates Métronome's analog quality, both for playback and for the digital-to-analog conversion function, including various digital inputs and outputs that allow it to be used with many sources.

Its large six-and-a-half-inch 21/9 screen makes it easy to follow current reading from a distance.