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Krell. Leaders in audio engineering

More than three decades after its founding by the now legendary Daniel –“Dan”- D'Agostino, Krell remains for lovers of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema synonymous with avant-garde design, construction and precision finishes, unbeatable technology and sound that literally transports the listener into the very center of a concert hall or the most spectacular film production. And also one of the most representative brands of the spirit of Sarte Audio Elite in its tireless search for sound truth in the reproduction of sound in the home.

Representing the most genuine American High End in stereophonic and multichannel sound, Krell's current catalog is an exceptional compendium of what technology is capable of when it is put at the service of sound and image. In it you can find everything from optical disc players, streamers and network music players to preamplifiers, surround sound processors and power amplifiers (both monophonic and stereophonic and multichannel, always working with highly innovative topologies developed by Krell), all designed and built with the same spirit of perfection that saw the brand born in 1981.

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