List of products by brand DACT

DACT. Danish Audio Conect.

Danish Audio ConnecT A/S (DACT) is a privately owned Danish limited company founded in 1995. DACT was founded by Allan Isaksen, who still today holds the position as president of the company.

DACT works exclusively in the field of high end audio and is serving a significant portion of the international audio DIY market, the most demanding consumers, and an exclusive niche of high end audio equipment manufacturers that target the most critical hi-fi and pro-audio enthusiasts.

Back in 1995, the first DACT product was the well-know CT1 and later CT2 stepped attenuator, which still today remain the single most recognized state-of-the-art audio volume control.
Other DACT products that have obtained fame as world class products are the CT100 phono stage module, the CT101 line stage module, and then CT102 audio power supply.

Later, DACT introduced the Dual Connect line of high end audio cables, which were the first DACT products to target consumers that prefer buying ready-made equipment.
Dual Connect is now considered a leading name in audio cables world wide.

All DACT products are aiming at best possible audio performance without accepting any compromises. A special “DACT sound” does not exist, which is the whole philosophy behind the company and its products. DACT products are designed for not adding to or changing the sound signals that are lead through them. The most common way DACT products are characterized is by “extremely low distortion, very large band width, undetectable self noise”, etc.
DACT is a company operated by dedicated people, serving dedicated people. For us who enjoy music without accepting compromises.
   Allan Isaksen, President