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Anti Resonance Interface System

At first there was desire. Experience the musical emotion in the purest way.
Then the idea came up: let the air vibrate without vibrating the earth.
Then came the "Savoir-Taire":
A.r.i.s.®, (Anti-resonance interface system), the first anti-resonance decoupler.
Technologies that combine isolation, decoupling and absorption of resonance effects.
A.r.i.s.® is now the essential link in your audiovisual installations.
The sound becomes holophonic, palpable with the body and matter.
The instruments stand out without confusion, the notes are spread out in regular gradation.
Melodies and songs come out of nowhere.
No more questions about timbre or eardrum, it is the spirit of virtuous that reaches your soul!

                             "The greatest revolutions are made in silence"