Krell Chorus 5200

KRELL Chorus 5200 XD

Krell Chorus 5200 XD. 5-channel power amplifier.

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The Krell "XD" upgrade (Xtended Dynamics, Xtended Dimensionality, Xtended Detail) for the Chrorus 5200 power amp builds on an already excellent power amp and takes its performance to the next level. "XD" is a classic example of Krell's ongoing R&D efforts generating benefits across multiple product lines. During the development of the K-300i integrated amplifier, they made significant improvements by reducing the output impedance below traditional standards.

So they applied this technique to the new line of amplifiers and the improvement was so substantial that it required a unique designation, hence "XD". It was not a simple matter to lower the output impedance. This affects the stability and transient response of the amplifier. So each stage before the output stage had to be re-tuned to work optimally with the lowest impedance output. This lower output impedance puts more control over the speaker drivers and dampens unwanted vibrations, allowing more accurate reproduction of the original signal.

Technical characteristics:

5-channel reference power stage.

Output power: 5 x 200W continuous over 8 Ohm.

Ideal for configuring a very high-performance 5.1-channel Home Theater system.

It implements the new "XD" technologies from Krell.

Cooling using ultra-quiet thermostatically controlled fans.

Executed with specially selected audiophile grade components.

Remote monitoring - via the Internet and from any mobile device - of the key parameters.

Analog inputs: 5 balanced (XLR) and 5 unbalanced (RCA).

RJ45 port for Ethernet connection.

Dimensions: 434 x 194 x 536 mm (W x H x D).

Weight: 38.6 kilos.



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