Rel G1 mkII

Rel G1 mkII

Rel G1 mkII Active subwoofer


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The G1 MKII is a substantially revised version of the G1, in turn the best-selling reference subwoofer in the history of REL Acoustics. The new model retains the same design, with characteristic curved side panels, than its predecessor, in a geometry carefully developed to cancel internal resonances, which is supported by a sophisticated structure of internal reinforcements. On the other hand, a sturdy construction of very high-quality, high-quality plywood lumber makes the G1 MKII powerfully support the high air pressures present in its interior. To all this is added a luxurious finish in black piano obtained by the application of a total of 12 layers of lacquer. The internal amplifier is an audiophile level design with high reliability configured in Class AB that delivers 600 watts continuous, but in the G1 MKII has been improved with the inclusion of limiting circuits of last generation, that allow to deliver a 40% more power Without compression. From this superb subwoofer of REL Acoustics, the transducer incorporates an opulent design with a carbon fiber cone and inverted plume - also of carbon fiber - of 300 mm diameter, whose rigidity allows it to control in a more efficient way - A further 25% - rupture modes, which in turn facilitates the use of a suspension with a greater capacity of reaction against the dynamic demands of the reproduced program, being able to reach a maximum sound pressure levels of 112 dB without Only distortion. The G1 MKII also features its generous connectivity, with high level inputs and outputs and LFE (both RCA and XLR), as well as line inputs and a remote control that allows the user to control quickly and accurately the Output level depending on the chosen connection, cut-off frequency and absolute phase.

Technical characteristics

  •     Reference active subwoofer with hermetic enclosure.
  •     High versatility High Fidelity / Home Cinema.
  •     Speaker with 300 mm diameter carbon fiber cone.
  •     Internal amplifier in Class AB of 600 continuous watts.
  •     Amplification electronics with improved limiting circuits.
  •     Cut-off point at -6 dB at 15 Hz.
  •     High level inputs (Neutrik Speakon) and Line and LFE (RCA + XLR).
  •     High level (Neutrik Speakon) and LFE (RCA + XLR) outputs.
  •     Very high rigidity enclosure with curved panels and internal reinforcements.
  •     Maximum sound pressure level of 112 dB.
  •     Possibility of chained connection ("Reference Line Array").
  •     Finish in 12 layers of piano black lacquer.
  •     Dimensions: 571'5x462x680'3 mm (W x H x D).
  •     Weight: 49 kg.