REL Acoustics S3
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REL Acoustics S3 SHO. TO WRAP

REL Acoustics S3 SHO. Active subwoofer. TO WRAP

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Intermediate model of the new REL Acoustics S Series, which replaces the renowned R Series, the S3 is an elegant and impressive active subwoofer of very remarkable performance that concentrates the latest technological, constructive and aesthetic refinements of the legendary British firm. Based on an effective combined active / passive emission scheme that features a sophisticated 250 mm diameter continuous-cone aluminum cone speaker designed to perform large displacements without distortion, the S3 is the perfect complement to complete the bass response Of any system of musical reproduction or audiovisual of very high level. The use of an active / passive scheme allows not only greater control and superior extension over the lower octaves of the spectrum with respect to traditionally less elaborate bass-reflex designs but also provides substantial advantages in terms of location by allowing dimensions More compact for the enclosure. On the other hand, the 350 watts continuous of the exclusive Class D amplifier of last generation executed with components of audiophile grade located inside the new REL assure that the control of the active transducer is carried out without cracks even in the conditions of operation more Demanding. Also, as a component created to be part of complex systems or "lifestyle" the S3 offers the user the possibility of wireless connection through REL's unique robust Longbow system, which combines reliability and equal fidelity of sound. A carefully designed electronic protection ensures that the S3 can operate to the limit without damaging its key components.

Technical characteristics

  •     Very high performance active subwoofer.
  •     High versatility High Fidelity / Home Cinema.
  •     Active / passive system with an active front-emitter transducer with an aluminum cone of 250 mm diameter and a passive emission lower 300 mm in diameter.
  •     350 Watt Continuous Class D Next Gen II Internal Amplifier.
  •     Cut-off point at -6 dB at 22 Hz.
  •     Connection of high level (Neutrik Speakon) and low level (Line and LFE).
  •     Compatible with REL Acoustics Longbow wireless connection system (optional transmitter available).
  •     Enclosure with panels of 30 mm thickness and internal reinforcements.
  •     Volume control range of 80 dB.
  •     Finish in white lacquer.
  •     Dimensions: 406x424x463'5 mm (W x H x D).
  •     Weight: 27.85 kg.