REL Acoustics Nº25

REL Acoustics Nº25

REL Acoustics Nº25. Active subwoofer.


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Created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of REL Acoustics, the No. 25 is a fabulous subwoofer that brings together all of its know-how in design, technology and manufacturing to make lifelike sound lovers a definitive tool capable of reproducing all Strength and all the nuances of the lower octaves of the audio spectrum. In the case of the enclosure, of the hermetic type, it can be said that the Nº25 establishes a new standard of excellence in quality of manufacture, as much for its aesthetic beauty as for the way in which it manages the critical propagation of the waves emitted by the back of the Transducer used, since its geometry was specifically designed to cancel - from there the elegant curved side panels, which disperse and dissipate these waves - most of the enormous pressure inside. The transducer used is also an engineering prodigy, thanks to REL's unique experience, namely an imposing, sturdy and very lightweight 380 mm diameter speaker with carbon fiber cone and inverted placket also fiber Carbon, designed for large displacements without distortion. It is powered by an ultra-modern NextGen3-class D-power amplifier that combines a continuous 1000-watt power with high current-carrying capacity and exceptional reliability. Add to that a control electronics that concentrate the best of REL Acoustics in its obsession for an optimal adaptation between subwoofer and room of listening and a generous connectivity, as well as the compatibility with the exclusive system of wireless transmission without compression LongBow Of REL - optionally available - facilitates the integration of the Nº25 in rooms where the presence of cables is not welcome.

Technical characteristics

  • Absolute reference active subwoofer with airtight enclosure.
  • High versatility High Fidelity / Home Cinema.
  • Speaker with 300 mm diameter carbon fiber cone.
  • 1000 Watt Continuous Class D NextGen3 In-Line Amplifier.
  • Cut-off point at -6 dB at 15 Hz.
  • High level inputs (Neutrik Speakon) and Line and LFE (RCA + XLR).
  • High level (Neutrik Speakon) and LFE (RCA + XLR) outputs.
  • Compatible with REL LongBow wireless connection system
  • Very high rigidity enclosure with curved panels and internal reinforcements.
  • Possibility of chained connection ("Reference Line Array").
  • Finish in 12 layers of piano black lacquer.
  • Dimensions: 736'5x540x762 mm (W x H x D).
  • Weight: 78 kg.