MartinLogan Subwoofer Dynamo 700w
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MARTINLOGAN Dynamo 600X. Active Subwoofer.

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The second most affordable model in MartinLogan's revamped Dynamo active subwoofer range, the Dynamo 600X combines a 254mm diameter inverted peripheral suspension polypropylene cone loudspeaker with a 120W continuous amplifier to deliver the ultimate in performance and versatility for an unbeatable price. Equipped with Line, LFE and High Level inputs, the Dynamo 600X provides a level of detail and punch never seen before in bass reproduction, an exceptional extension of the response curve and a sound pressure level capable of satisfying the stricter demands in both music and film. Among the many highly innovative engineering solutions incorporated into this versatile subwoofer stands out, first of all, the use of inverted peripheral suspensions in the built-in loudspeaker, which is combined with a high-power magnetic motor and an ultra-light and rigid diaphragm to ensure the high displacements required to obtain extraordinarily natural bass in every application. Regarding the internal amplifier, the Dynamo 600X uses a high efficiency design configured in Class D equipped with MOSFET transistors, transformers and very high quality noise suppression circuits, to which is added the sophisticated IME filter (“Inverse Mathematical Equalization ”or Inverse Mathematical Equalization Filters”), which allows a much more precise response to low frequencies than that provided by the simple second-order and high-Q filters commonly used in subwoofers of the same price level. Likewise, the dedicated control “app” for iOS and Android MartinLogan Sub Control App allows precise configuration of the different settings, as well as the renowned Anthem Room Correction (ARC) system, with management “app” available for PC, iOS and Android guarantee the perfect adaptation to the unique characteristics of each room.

Technical characteristics:

• Active bass-reflex subwoofer with high performance and very competitive price.

• Anti-turbulence bass-reflex port.

• 254 mm diameter polypropylene cone transducer.

• Front emission transducer with inverted peripheral suspension.

• Frequency response of 27-200 Hz, +/- 3 dB.

• High efficiency 120 W continuous and 240 W peak internal amplifier.

• Line, LFE and High Level inputs.

• Enclosure with high rigidity panels and internal reinforcements.

• High versatility High Fidelity / Home Cinema.

• Management by dedicated “app”; compatible with the ARC correction system.

• Dimensions: 367x415x378 mm (W x H x D).

• Weight: 16'1 kg.



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