FOCAL CHORA SUB 600P. Designed by Focal engineers for Hi-Fi listening and home theater use, the Sub 600P subwoofer completes your audio setup by providing deep, punchy and controlled bass.

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In combination with its Home Cinema system, its power offers an even more sensational and realistic immersion.

Its 600-watt Class D amplifier supplies a 1113/16 "(30 cm) diameter Polyflex loudspeaker driver, a heavier, stiffer cone that promotes high power handling. Its enclosed design prevents any noise from interference, reproducing the original sound signal as faithfully as possible.Finally

, with its high-gloss black finish front panel, brushed MDF cabinet body, and magnetic grill, the Sub 600P is a modern and understated addition to your audition room.

Key points:

- Enclosed subwoofer for faithful reproduction of low frequencies.

- 600 watt class D amplifier.

- Poliflex cone: perfect bass impact.


Active Closed Subwoofer Type.

12 "(30 cm) Polyflex Woofer Speaker Driver.

Frequency Response at -6dB 26Hz.

Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 28Hz-270Hz.

RCA Input Right, Left LFE.

Variable Crossover Frequency 40Hz-200Hz ( LFE).

Phase adjustment Phase inverter 0 ° / 180 °.

Power modes AutoStandby enabled / disabled.

Amplifier power 600W dynamic (300W RMS).

Dimensions (HxWxD) 153/4 ″ x153 / 4 ″ x163 / 4 ″ ( 400x400x425mm)

Weight 46.3lbs (21kg).


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