Mission LX-C

Mission LX-C

Mission LX-C. Central speaker.

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The LX series of the Mission brand has been completely revised, reserving the concepts that have given such a good result to the manufacturer, optimizing materials to achieve speakers capable of transmitting sound with great energy and detail taking the live entertainment with the same vibration and Finesse to the listener. The LX-C acoustic box is a 2-way center speaker with a very robust acoustic enclosure, which avoids resonances and vibrations, projecting only the sound coming from the Transducers. Placing the treble between the mid-lows, the frequencies are aligned in time for a better reception, opening and enriching the range of notes that reach our ears. Finally the carefully selected new filters are able to calibrate the projection of your transducers conveniently to complete a precise and natural sound.


  • Home Theater Speakers
  • 2-way acoustic principle
  • 25mm Microfiber Dome Treble Transducer
  • 100mm x 2 Fiber Composite Medium-Bass Transducer
  • Sensitivity 87.5dB (1W @ 1M)
  • Recommended amplification 20 - 100W
  • Rated impedance 6 Ohms
  • Minimum impedance 5 Ohms
  • Frequency response 80Hz - 30kHz
  • 2.1kHz frequency crossing
  • Measurements: Height 160mm x Width 400mm x Depth 300mm


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