MartinLogan Focus ESL C18
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MartinLogan Focus ESL C18. 3 way central loudspeaker / 4 very high performance loudspeakers.

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The Focus ESL C18 is a very stylized - only 234 mm deep - acoustic screen specifically designed to reproduce the critical central channel of very high performance Home Theater systems in order to guarantee a reproduction of voices and effects of pleasing realism environment . It incorporates an electrostatic panel of 457 mm of width by 191 mm of exclusive height of MartinLogan, one of the innovative speakers of acute with folded diaphragm "Folded Motion" of the same brand and two ultra-compact electrodámicos woofers with cone of aluminum. In the case of the electrostatic panel, this is the most advanced version of the legendary MartinLogan CLS curvature sound source transducer, the CLS XStat, which thanks to a unique configuration as regards both the mobile element - the diaphragm itself - and To the excitation system allows to reproduce the frequencies between 470 and 3000 Hz with an exceptional precision, while the particular profile used guarantees an unprecedented spatial presentation thanks to a unique dispersion pattern. With regard to the "Folded Motion" tweeter, the fundamental element to note is that the "folded" character of its diaphragm allows a substantially larger emission area than a conventional tweeter dome, Speed ​​of response and a higher definition as a consequence of the extremely low mass of said element and the control exerted on it by the powerful magnetic motor that accompanies it. The Focus ESL C18 is supplemented by two 165 mm diameter aluminum cone bass speakers designed for large displacements that, mounted on a non-resonant camera, guarantee perfect reproduction of frequencies up to 50 Hz.

Technical characteristics

• 3 way central loudspeaker / 4 very high performance loudspeakers.
• Electrostatic hybrid / electrodynamic configuration with tweeter.
• Equipped with a MartinStep CLS XStat electrostatic transducer.
• MartinLogan exclusive "Folded Motion" folded diaphragm.
• 2 woofers with aluminum cone of 165 mm diameter.
• Frequency divider filter implemented with audiophile grade components.
• Control to optimize response depending on whether it is wall-mounted or not.
• Frequency response of 50-23,000 Hz, +/- 3 dB.
• Sensitivity of 90 dB / W / m.
• Rated impedance of 4 ohms.
• Amplification power between 50 and 400 watts continuous.
• Dimensions: 1.097x244x234 mm (W x H x D).
• Weight: 22.7 kg.



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