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Sound first. While 8K and other attractive video / gaming features make HDMI headlines, AudioQuest's 48-series and eARC-Priority HDMI cables are the best-sounding HDMI cables yet.

The higher precision and tighter manufacturing tolerances required to deliver HDMI cables that transfer up to 48Gbps bandwidth mean that all of AudioQuest's tried and tested ingredients and techniques matter as much as never before.

The FireBird 48 features 100% perfect surface silver conductors that have been controlled in their direction for the most efficient dissipation of radio frequency noise; High-loss graphene is added to the carbon layer, sandwiched between metal layers around the 4 FRL + eARC pairs, and a "global" high-loss carbon layer is placed around all conductors.

All of AudioQuest's new 48Gbps HDMI cables can transfer up to 10K of professional Ultra-HD video. The impressive 48Gbps data rate is made possible by four balanced audio / video pairs capable of 12Gbps each. And of course the latest technology supports 4K displays.


Solid 100% silver conductors.

Noise Dissipation Level 6 - 72v DBS, Graphene Layer, Glocal Carbon Layer, and Controlled Steering.

Solid 100% eARC silver conductors.

All 19 conductors are controlled by direction (A / V, eARC, ground reference drains, control, power).

All 48G cables up to 5m have the required bandwidth for video with resolutions up to 10k, including 9K / 60Hz and 4K / 120Hz.

Solid 100% Perfect Surface Silver Conductors

At AudioQuest HDMI cables, long-grain solid copper, silver-plated copper, or perfect surface silver conductors improve noise dissipation and overall performance. FireBird 48 uses the best conductive metal from AudioQuest, 100% perfect surface silver for its conductors.

Noise Dissipation Level 6: 72v DBS + Graphene + Global Carbon + Directionality

The traditional "100% shielding" is not enough to protect you from the increasingly frequent effects of Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite radiation. In AudioQuest HDMI cables, all 19 conductors are direction controlled to minimize performance-damaging RF noise by "directing" or draining it from the most vulnerable circuits. At Noise Dissipation Level 5, high-loss graphene is added to the carbon layer sandwiched between the metal layers around the 4 FRL + eARC pairs, and a "global" high-loss carbon layer is placed around all drivers. Noise Dissipation Level 6, AudioQuest's most advanced and comprehensive means of addressing induced radio frequency noise,

AudioQuest 48G HDMI Cables

AudioQuest "48" HDMI cables can transfer up to 10K of professional Ultra-HD video. The 48Gbps bandwidth is made possible by 4 balanced audio / video pairs capable of 12Gbps each. The precision and tighter manufacturing tolerances required to produce HDMI cables that transfer bandwidth up to 48Gbps means that many of AudioQuest's tried and true ingredients and techniques are more important than ever.

HDR (High Dynamic Range).

All AudioQuest HDMI cables are compatible with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Dynamic HDR. HDR content expands image contrast for blacker blacks and brighter / higher whites, as well as higher color saturation and brightness. In addition, 4K Ultra-HD content allows for a greater color range.

This combination of technologies results in more realistic HDR images with greater perceived depth. Dynamic HDR (HDR10 + and Dolby Vision, for example) allows frame-by-frame HDR optimization instead of HDR settings that are fixed for the entire program. The most prominent current HDR formats are HDR10, HDR10 + and Dolby Vision.

AudioQuest 18Gbps and 48Gbps HDMI cables are compatible with all varieties of HDR, which can be found on Ultra-HD Blu-ray, and all major streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Apple TV +, and others.

eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel).

HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) routes audio from a television to a sound bar or AV receiver for added simplicity and flexibility in system setup. Previous hardware ARC capabilities are maximized with lossy (compressed) 5.1 channel surround sound.

Current HDMI 2.1 hardware supports Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), which dramatically increases digital bandwidth to support lossless, compression-free, high-resolution multi-channel audio, including Dolby TrueHD and Atmos, and DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS: X.

Not only do all current generations of AudioQuest HDMI cables have the conductors and bandwidth necessary for the enhanced sonic capabilities of eARC, but to ensure superior audio performance, the conductive pair of the ARC channel is controlled internally for the direction, running in the opposite direction from the 4 pairs that carry the information to the television.

Finally, AudioQuest's eARC-Priority models include 4 Silver-Plated Forest 48-level audio / video data pairs, but with a far superior single data pair for the TV audio output. By enhancing the ARC data path only, audiophile quality is possible at a fraction of the cost of upgrading all 5 data pairs.


48Gbps bandwidth - supports up to 10k resolution.

Solid 100% silver A / V conductors.

Solid 100% silver eARC conductors.

10% silver in the ground reference drain.

72v DBS, Graphene Layer, Global Carbon Layer and Direction Controlled Noise Dissipation.

Red braided outer jacket - 0.6m to 3m only.

CMG outer jacket (CL3 / FT4) - 5m in length.

Limited lifetime warranty.


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