Reavon UBR-X100 Universal Disc Player | Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, DVD Audio, CD | HDR10 | Dolby Vision | Dual HDMI output | Remote control

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The starting point of Reavon is an elegant 4K multi-format player of which first of all stands out an extremely rigid construction thanks to the reinforcement of the base of the chassis, 1.6 mm thick, with a 3 mm steel plate to absorb possible vibrations from the reading block, minimizing noise and maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio. Despite being stripped of analog audio circuitry (and therefore also of the relevant connectivity), Reavon's purist DNA can be seen in details such as the existence of an HDMI output dedicated exclusively to audio signals or the use of a clock. sync with an exceptionally low jitter rate. As a next-generation universal disc reader, the UBR-X100 is compatible with a very wide repertoire of physical formats ranging from Ultra HD (4K) Blu-ray Disc to CD to Full Blu-ray Disc HD, Blu-ray Disc 3D, DVD Video and DVD Audio, plus support for audio and video files such as FLAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF, JPG, TIFF, MKV and the M2TS. Obviously, the UBR-X100 is integrated into the HDR ecosystem -Dolby Vision and HDR10 included- and is compatible with True 24p Cinema, to which we must add the scaling of all types of video signals up to 4K resolution. The icing on the Reavon is a powerful user interface that, in addition to allowing a spectacular degree of customization of the device's operation, even provides information regarding the mastering process available in some HDR content. All this makes the UBR-X100 an unbeatable product in terms of quality / price ratio, as well as a perfect tool to facilitate access to the highest definition in image and sound.

Technical characteristics:

• Universal 4K reader with high performance and exceptional quality / price ratio.

• Compatible with 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc, DVD Video / Audio and CD.

• Compatible with audio and video file formats.

• DLNA compatible.

• Compatible with the most popular 3D and multichannel audio formats.

• Very high rigidity construction.

• HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatible video section.

• Two HDMI outputs, one of them dedicated exclusively to audio.

• Coaxial, optical and USB digital outputs (2).

• Dimensions: 430x82x351 mm (W x H x D).

• Weight: 6.3 kg.


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