UBIQ AUDIO M ONE Duelund. Loudspeakers.

UBIQ AUDIO M ONE Duelund. Loudspeakers.

UBIQ AUDIO M ONE Duelund. Loudspeakers.

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UBIQ AUDIO M ONE Duelund. Loudspeakers.


  • Frequency response 30 Hz - 30,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity - Impedance 88 dB - Nominal: 6 Ohm (5/10 Ohm)
  • Measures in mm - Weight 1180 high x 420 width x 370 bottom - 42 kg / und (net)

Available Options:

  • *DUELUND+ (Ag) - (only for Duelund models): 968€
  • GOLD FINIHS: 726 €
  • ALU 20mm FEET: 1.815 €
  • SE WIRING: 968€
  • DUST COVER : 605 €
  • BI WIRE (extra for all models): 484€

The birth of the MODEL ONE is the direct result of a long investigation by Igor Kante of an affordable, compact loudspeaker system with the highest level of sound quality. Being a great fan of live concerts, he was very disappointed with the quality of reproduction that could be achieved even with the most expensive systems. He was always aware that the quality of the sound could be significantly improved in the usual conditions that occur in domestic rooms. In recent years he returned to classic speaker designs from the 60s and 70s, such as Altec Lansing and Acoustic Research (AR). The auditions with these components were much more realistic and reminded more of the sound of the concerts than the current speakers from the high end sector. Uniting the most desirable characteristics of these old-school engineering concepts (authority, dynamics and credibility in general) with improved levels of transparency seemed to be a very attractive idea, which finally led him to make the decision to materialize it under the name of your own brand.
Instead of continuing with the general trend in the construction of loudspeakers, they chose to follow nature to get closer to the tonality and dynamics of live music. Under the direction of Igor Kante, a passionate professional with extensive experience, the main manufacturing parameters of the speakers were established. Igor worked with industrial designer Janez Mesaric and acoustic engineer Miro Krajnc to create the base that aims to transform the concept of what is possible to do with a speaker in its size and shape.
Our team always thought that visual aesthetics can not oppose acoustic demands, but rather should go hand in hand. The elegant sobriety of the design is accompanied by innovative details.
All the technological aspects of our 3-way speakers reflect the most demanding requirements:
- The drivers have a coil diameter larger than usual (38mm tweeter, 54mm midrange, 76mm woofer). In addition, they are made with materials that over time have shown a lower distortion index and, therefore, more realism: paper and polyester cones (neither metal nor ceramic).
- The frontal geometry of the baffle and the location of the drivers were chosen thinking about the nature and limitations of the daily stays, with their corresponding sonic demands. The woofer is placed at the point where it does not cause the negative frequency cut between the mid-low and low-high range (usually, between 100 and 200 Hz), which makes most speakers, even the most expensive, sound thin and lifeless. This phenomenon usually occurs in relatively small rooms, with speakers whose woofers are located well above the ground. The medium-low / low-high is, in fact, the key to the reproduction of realistic music.