Tannoy Stirling GR

TANNOY Stirling GR

Tannoy Stirling GR. Speaker box 2-way bass reflex system.

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The simplest model of the prestigious Tannoy family of prestige speakers, the Prestige GR, is a happy demonstration of the exceptional know-how of a company for which the concept of timelessness, "product for life" To any realization truly designed and constructed without any compromise, is much more than a pilgrim marketing argument. Sublimation of the coaxial speaker technology materialized in the ultralight - its first version was born in 1967 - "Dual Concentric" system, the Tannoy Stirling GR bases its exceptional sound attributes on an imposing "Dual Concentric" coaxial system with pulp cone of Treated paper of very high rigidity of 254 mm of diameter that integrates an acute speaker with diaphragm of aluminum alloy accompanied by a guide of wave that allows to control the diffusion of the sound. A scheme that in conjunction with a bass-reflex enclosure with a distributed port developed by Tannoy allows the Stirling GR to exercise a very precise control over the air mass present in said port, resulting in a natural bass response in terms of definition And wide impact in its extension that contributes in a palpable way to reinforce the spatial component of the music by facilitating the adaptation to a wide spectrum of domestic rooms. The possibility of modifying the response curve of the frequency divider filter by means of a series of easily accessible pins located on the front panel allows the user to fine-tune the frequency response curve of the Stirling GR to suit his favorite musical genres .

Technical characteristics

  • Speaker box.
  • 2-way bass reflex system with distributed port.
  • "Dual Concentric" coaxial transducer with a diameter of 254 mm with a 42 mm diameter coil
  • 25 mm diameter dome tweeter equipped with the Tannoy exclusive "Tulip" waveguide.
  • Frequency divider filter executed with rigorously selected components.
  • Frequency divider filter. With several positions adjustable by the user.
  • Answer in frec. Of 39-25,000 Hz (cutoff points at -6 dB).
  • Sensitivity of 91 dB / W / m.
  • Nominal impedance of 8 ohms.
  • Pot. Of amplification between 30 and 150 watts continuous.
  • Dimensions: 397x850x368 mm (W x H x D).
  • Weight: 23 kg.


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