Apertura Enigma

Apertura Enigma

Apertura Enigma. Floorstanding Speaker.

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The cabinet uses the now well-known Apertura special shape: two curved sides of different length and no symmetrical faces. The heterogeneous nature of the different panels (size, radius, angle, length), imply a non –uniform resonance distribution and a reduced sound radiation for the most excited ones.

Enclosure panels consist of multiple thin layers of high density MDF, pressure moulded to reach final thickness of 28 to 44mm.
This sandwich structure allows to break and attenuate vibration waves inside the material. The aim is to drastically improve cabinet damping.
The laminar structure is formed around a complex framework of ten heavy bracing panels.

Like all high precision devices, Enigma requires a mechanical referential mandatory to reproduce with precision the most subtle details.
For this purpose the enclosure stand on a massive metal base, carved out of a 40mm steel billet.

Thanks to its wide diameter, the port tube placed beneath the loudspeaker, reduces air flow noise, improves room interaction and lowers non-linearity.

To optimize the dispersal of structure-borne noise, the Enigma enclosure stands on its central cone positioned on the axis of the center of gravity. The four other spikes are for stability only.

Internal damping combines original solutions and a mixture of different materials to cancel any standing waves.

The Enigma uses two custom-design 22cm (8’’) bass/mid range drivers.
The “Isotactic Matrix” cone is a new type of composite material (woven polypropylene).
This cone material exhibits stiffness, lightness and good damping properties, which makes it essential for our new designs.
These drive-units benefit of an “Excel” powerful motor: 134mm ferrite, long voice-coil on titanium former and a copper ring on the pole piece.
The implementation of an original loading architecture brings the benefit of a real synchronized operation of the two mid-woofers. This is mostly not the case with common design.

The high frequency drive unit is a professional ribbon tweeter. It uses an aluminum/ polymer sandwich diaphragm for improved linearity. 
The drive unit effective piston area is twice as the Onira one’s, and four times the area of ordinary dome tweeters, for a moving mass of only 88mg.

The high powerful Neodynium magnet and high sensibility allow a low cutting frequency. This way we can spread the well-known sound qualities of ribbon tweeter over a wider frequency range.

In Enigma, the masterpiece is the proprietary “DRIM” structure filter, created by Christian Yvon.
This filter technology has an ellipse on one of its branches, with three different slopes: 6dB, 12dB and 24dB per octave.
The overall intersection is 6dB at the cutoff frequency, allowing a minimum intermodulation zone and respect of time alignment.
Low-pass and High-pass circuits are independent. Hand wiring on high power Pcb (210µm copper thickness), with no less than thirty very high end components.
A strict phase optimization makes possible a special presentation that is faithful to the recording.

Like for all Apertura products, every single drive units used in Enigma production, is first measured and compare to reference. 
In a second step, selected drive units are associated for a pair of Enigma, and then crossovers are adjusted to slight variations of driver’s curves.
This means every single product is closed to ideal performances.

Enigma has the groundbreaking ability to recreate studio or live experiences.
Remarkable resolution and transparency, without sacrificing low frequency solidity and amazing dynamic contrasts.
A truly high-end transducer, offering superb musical performances in three-dimensional space.


From left to right: Edena - Onira - Enigma tweeters
High sensibility, professional grade ribbon tweeter.
22 cm² sandwich diaphragm of only 88 mg.
Powerful Neodynium magnet.
Wide bandwidth,very fast transition.
2x 8" Mid-woofer with Isotactic Matrix cone (woven polypropylene composite).
This material combines stiffness, lightness and good damping properties.
Excel magnet circuit with a 13 cm ferrite and a long voice coil wound on a titanium former.
A heavy copper ring on the pole piece reduces distortions.

28 to 44 mm multilayers, high-density MDF structure.
Panels pressure molded, on a highly complex ten bracing panels skeleton.
Laminar structure for coloration free enclosure.

Proprietary "DRIM" structure.
High-end audio components: Jantzen coils with 1.4 mm² baked wires, polypropylene capacitors.
Hand wiring on two separate FR4 210 µm Pcb Silver plated/ copper PTFE internal wiring.

The two crossover printed circuits boards and the full copper Mundorf binding post are mounted on a 15 mm CNC machined aluminium plate.

The cabinet stands on a massive baseplate, carved out of a steel billet. The final thickness is no less than 40 mm.
Thanks to its wide section, the port tube placed beneath the loudspeaker, reduces air flow noise and improve room interaction.

Speaker 2-way speaker and 3 speakers

  • Frequency response 30-30 000Hz / + -3dB
  • Sensitivity 94dB / 1w / 1m
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Charging Bass-Reflex
  • Speakers 2 x Medium / low 22cm Isotactic Matrix
  • Tweeter ribbon 5 "
  • Filter cut-off frequency 2.1kHz
  • Connections Monocable
  • Accepts spades and bananas
  • Dimensions 245 x 406 x 1270 mm
  • Weight 76Kg net (190Kg packed)



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