FOCAL ARIA 948. 3-way floorstanding speakers

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Focal Aria 948 Speakers. This is the most complete model of the new Aria range from the French manufacturer Focal. It is a beautiful and luxurious three-way loudspeaker with two reflex ports, one front and one facing the ground on the aluminum base. These ports provide a more accurate and consistent bass response. But the "secret" of this new series is in the speakers.

Every loudspeaker manufacturer searches the most remote places for the perfect material for their loudspeakers. Everything is aimed at making a light, rigid membrane that does not deform with electrical impulses and produces the least distortion. Well, Focal thinks that flax fiber is wonderful for this task. Not for nothing is French linen considered one of the best in the world ... and Focal also has it very close at hand ...

With its advanced technology, which Focal has a lot of that has, it has developed a membrane made of three layers, one of fiberglass, the second of flax fiber and a third layer also of fiberglass. The result is a very light but very rigid membrane that resists the electrical impulses sent by the magnet through the coil in an admirable way. But of course, all this would not be enough without some more ingredient in the recipe of these speakers.

The speaker enclosure is asymmetrical and is made of 2.5 MDF, the base is a piece of aluminum that adds weight, quite a lot, to the base of the speaker, giving it stability and ballast that better controls the resonances of the box. The structure that supports the speaker membranes is made of an injected material called Zamak. The Aria 948 is a three-way system, with two 8 ”(21cm) woofers built with the peculiar sandwich of fiberglass and linen fibers, a 6.5” (16.5cm) midrange speaker as well. Constructed of fiberglass and linen fibers and a 1 ”(25mm) inverted dome tweeter and manufactured with an aluminum / magnesium alloy and peripheral suspension of a material called Poron.

The external appearance of the Focal Aria 948 speakers is simply magnificent, the sides are available in two finishes, natural wood or black. The front is lined with leather, this helps to correct frontal diffractions. The sensitivity of this model is very high, 92.5 dB, so it will never be a complicated speaker for any amplifier. This loudspeaker is designed for rooms larger than 35m2 and should be separated from the rear wall by a minimum of 70cm.


System - 3-way, bass reflex (bottom and front)

Frequency response - 37Hz to 28kHz

Sensitivity - 92.5dB

Nominal impedance - 8 Ohms

Cutoff frequency - 280Hz - 2600Hz

Amplifier power - 50 to 350w

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) - 1150 x 374 x

420mm Weight - 35Kg


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