Diesis Audio Caput Mundi. Louspeaker.


Diesis Audio Caput Mundi. Louspeaker.

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Diesis Audio Caput Mundi. Louspeaker.

In our Caput Mundi model, a dipole for low frequencies is conjugated for the first time in the world with a coaxial compression transducer for medium-high frequencies.

The sensation of realism produced by this unique dynamic sound system in the market impacts everyone who listens to it, granting an emotional intensity that we like to define as a sound event.

Caput Mundi is a model of acoustic screen completely assembled by hand, piece by piece. Nothing has been left to chance: from its aesthetics and design to technical and engineering optimization, with the aim of achieving the absolute level of sound quality.

The study of design, dynamic, light and almost anthropomorphic came from the pencil of Ino Piazza, architect and interior designer. Through his inspiration he made the first prototype, and from that rudimentary forms, he created a true "design object".

The multiple finishes offer the possibility to change them easily over time and allow the Caput Mundi to fit perfectly in any environment, so that everyone can enjoy it.

Both the use of innovative materials such as CLAD 58 and Corian - used for the first time in a sound system - and the unique optimization of the design parameters highlight the advantages of the technologies used (Dipolar Charge and trumpet) to obtain a dynamic, transparent, articulated, coherent, natural result with total absence of auditory fatigue.

The sound scene presented is deep and realistic for all types of music, from classical to rock harder, allowing the Caput Mundi to be, rightly, among the best reference speakers in the world.

10 years warranty

Product characteristics

  •     System: 3-way and a half dipole with 4 speakers
  •     Sensitivity: 94dB / 2,83V / 1m
  •     Nominal impedance: 6 ohms
  •     Frequency response: 40Hz - 25kHz (-3dB)
  •     Recommended power: 10w - 250w
  •     Dimensions: 512mm x 365mm x 1370mm (width x depth x height)
  •     Weight: 97kg.



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