BURSON AUDIO Super Charger 5A

BURSON AUDIO Super Charger 5A

BURSON AUDIO Super Charger 5A

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Burson Audio defies convention and pushes the boundaries of audio excellence through innovation. A decade ago, we argued against the use of op-amp ICs in the audio signal path. Today our discrete audio op amps are industry benchmarks.

In 2017, we had a breakthrough in power supply research. It led to the development of our patented Maximum Current Power Supply (MCPS). Superior to conventional and transformer-based switching power supply designs, MCPS is featured in all Burson products, winning awards and leaving the competition in the dust. [+] More information

We don't advertise, buy reviews, or attend trade shows, and we certainly don't raise prices to cover those costs. Instead, we create products that speak for themselves and build relationships directly with other audiophiles. We also work with selective and related audio stores around the world who contribute to their local audio community.

License to thrill.

There are no tricks here. We do not invent new elements or space technology. And submarines certainly don't use it to reduce their noise floor. Instead, it draws on nearly two decades of experience building audio power supplies, then assembled with the best parts we can find. The resulting improvement is instantly audible and across the entire audio spectrum.

Less noise = more details.

Power units available on the market have an operating frequency that is just above the threshold of human hearing. In contrast, the Burson Super Charger operates at an even higher frequency, resulting in much lower DC noise, instantly improving the final noise-to-signal ratio.

DC noise reduction allows for a deeper dive into micro details. It reveals more texture and decay around each note and more acoustic information in the air between instruments and vocalists.

Higher frequency = more dynamic.

The Burson supercharger doubles the charge frequency to power the capacitors within the audio amplifier. The resulting sound is more punchy with a larger and deeper soundstage.

Work in teams or go solo.

The Super Charger further enhances the Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) stages within Burson products. When the two work together, the result is obvious. But it is also the perfect upgrade for other audio equipment using the same input voltage.

Compatibility with other products:

To find out its compatibility with other products, follow the steps below:

Is your current power supply 24 volts with the same amperage or less? (for example, 3A or less)

Do you have a 2.5mm DC barrel connector?

Does it have a center of positive polarity?

If the answer to all three is YES, then our Super Charger 5A is compatible.

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