AKTYNA Evo3 (3uds)

AKTYNA Evo3 (3uds)

AKTYNA Evo3 (3uds). Decoupling bases for loudspeakers and electronics

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The Evo 3 model is the direct descendant of the previous Evo 2, with which it shares all the technical characteristics. The difference is fundamentally aesthetic, maintaining the same principles regarding its operation and anti-resonant properties. Even the height of the fixture is maintained, so the Evo 3 can be added to or mixed with previous Evo2 or DynAris models that may already exist in the facility.

This feature makes it very interesting since it maintains the continuity of previous models and does not make them obsolete: An installation with Evo2 or DynAris is still fully operational and can be expanded with this model or the following Dyna 3.

Diameter 1: 39.5mm, Diameter 2: 49.5mm. Height: 36mm. Maximum load per base 60 Kg.

Successor of the previous Evo2 model, with identical characteristics. Diameter 1: 39mm, Diameter 2: 49mm, Height: 36mm



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