Esoteric Grandioso G1

ESOTERIC Grandioso G1

Esoteric Grandioso G1. Master Clock Generator.

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A continuation of the tradition of excellence of Esoteric in the exclusive segment of the clocks of external synchronism, and with a esthetics to match the one of the other models Great, the Great G1 is a device created to supply a clock signal with atomic precision to Any digital component equipped with dedicated inputs, in order to reduce the "jitter" -anomalies in the synchronism of the digital signals- to its minimum expression and in this way significantly improve the sound quality. The main merit of the new Esoteric is precisely its ability to supply clock signals with a purity and stability significantly higher than those of the internal clocks of the devices that are connected to it. To do this, it uses an extremely precise rubidium oscillator - + / - 0'005 ppb / parts per billion or +/- 0'00005 ppm / parts per million - of American origin, very similar to those used in satellite geosynchronization, Which has been manufactured following strict specifications of Esoteric to give the highest priority to sound quality and stability. Located in an isolated module in order to preserve its operating temperature, this watch is complemented by a series of dedicated subsystems of last generation specifically developed by the Japanese firm. The first of these subsystems is called the "Wide Range Clock Buffer Amplifier," an amplifier-splitter of which the Grand G1 contains four units - each with its own regulated power supply and high-speed transistors - to generate as many Digital signals with an unprecedented degree of accuracy in an audio component. Also, a preheating function ensures that the internal rubidium oscillator continues to receive power signal when the G1 Grand is deactivated, in order to preserve its operating temperature and allow the apparatus to yield 100% immediately after being put into March.

Technical characteristics

• Absolute reference external sync clock.
• Based on an ultra-high precision rubidium oscillator (0'00005 ppm).
• Optimal combination with the Esoteric Grandioso digital reading system.
• Compatible with digital sources equipped with jacks for clock signal.
• 4 outputs for 10 MHz clock signal.
• Stability of the frequency of +/- 0'0001 ppm between -20ºC and + 65ºC.
• Complete stabilization time of 10 minutes.
• Preheat mode to preserve oscillator temperature.
• Power supply with separate lines for each subsystem.
• "Adaptive Zero Ground" mode so the ground signal is 0 volts.
• 10 MHz / 1pps input for connecting an external synchronization device.
• Wiring with coaxial cables terminated in military grade connectors.
• All metal construction and anti-resonance.
• Dimensions: 445x132x448 mm (W x H x D).
• Weight: 23 kg.



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