Tellurium Q Ultra Black XLR II. XLR interconnect cable.

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Like the BLACK XLR, it is a superior quality interconnect cable. Tellurium copper connectors provide a richer, more detailed sound.

HiFi Pig Review:

“As expected, the Ultra Black gave a compelling performance with great bass, punchy treble and good detail of position of each instrument. It was good, but nothing on the scale of the Ultra Black II.

This had control and depth with top ends clearer than from my resident cables. This was pure magic at work. ..This was as clean a sound as it gets.

For precision from lowest to highest frequencies and with all types of music these cables are a no brainer….. I could see exactly what Geoff was trying to do.”

The Ear Review:

“I cued up ‘Money’ from Dark Side of the Moonon the LP12 and played it, first with the Mark I and then with the Mark II between the pre and power. The difference was not trivial.

I have no idea what Geoff Merrigan and his team at Tellurium Q have done to these Mark II cables and he is not about share that information with anyone. What I can tell you is that what they bring to a system is addictive and irresistible.”

HiFi Pig Review:

“Immediately on connecting them up I noticed how clear and detailed they sounded in comparison to my previous cables, complimenting the rest of the system very nicely indeed. My Audio Physic Avanti’s have exceptional imaging capabilities and with these cables in place I was given an even more three dimensional image. Integration from the very top the very lowest frequencies was seamless with a lovely open mid-range that benefited vocals and acoustic instruments. It’s the tiny details and intricacies that make the difference for me when I listen to recordings I think I know inside out and suddenly hear new things and here these details I certainly did with the Ultra Blacks in place.”


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