Audiohum 1600W power regenerator

Audiohum 1600W power regenerator

Audiohum 1600W power regenerator, battery powered

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The ultimate solution to the electricity supply problems: a particular power generation station.

Every day the power supply is poor quality, resulting in a worse sound of our hi-fi, even at the risk of rupture surge of our audio components. After trying many solutions, more or less successful, we decided that the final solution was to have an electric generating station (not a "regenerator") in our house, and this is literally the solution we have come.

Based on our experience in the field of solar energy, we knew teams conducting a generation of alternating current, as we use in our homes, based on current generated by solar panels and stored in batteries. It's devices that generate pure 50hz wave windings with distortion levels well below those that can be found in the provision of utilities. At the same time we have suffered, like you, as every day we receive the power from the electric company is poor quality.

With our current generator power will have a totally isolated from the rest of the wiring. Its operation is very simple:

- The system consists of a power generation section, a section of charging batteries and batteries.

- The system connects to the power grid of the housing, where it picks up the energy to charge the batteries.

- When using the computer can keep the system connected to the mains of the house, so that the supply still comes from the electric company, but regenerated by the station.

- We also have the option to disconnect the electricity grid system of housing, to have an exclusive line for the audio equipment, totally isolated from the rest of the world, in which case the energy is obtained from batteries and is generated so completely independently by the Generating Station.

In addition the system allows the use of battery power for the supply of housing in case power failure. Especially useful to leave the refrigerator plugged when going on holiday!

The system is capable of delivering 3200W peaks. We recommend this system for computers that have a large current consumption, as Class D or AB amplifiers up to 350W, or Class A or valves that do not exceed 80W per channel. Autonomy in this case would go from 6 to 12 hours of equipment operation at 100%, which in practice involve 12 to 24 hours.

The equipment allows x6 multiply its power if necessary, adding additional modules (this may require a modification of the installation). That means that we can have continuous 9600W.

This equipment is plug & play, doesn't requiere any kind of installation.



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