VAN DEN HUL The D-501 Hybrid II

VAN DEN HUL The D-501 Hybrid II

VAN DEN HUL The D-501 Hybrid II. Phono cable made with RCA VDH 1.0 meter length

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To support the tone-arm and mixing console industry, this mat black HULLIFLEX ® 3 jacketed balanced cable was designed: very flexible and with extremely good electrical qualities.

The D - 501 HYBRID is a cable with a very high shielding factor.

Sonically this is one of the best cables in our program. Not really expensive and with a very high performance quality. The D - 501 HYBRID is regularly used as a microphone cable in critical professional recordings and as a standard product for e.g. SME in England together with the prestigious Type V tonearm. This already since 1987.

The 2 signal lines are made each of 19 x 0.1 mm. very high grade OFC wires with the highest density of very pure silver coating.

As an extra layer around the metal group, we use a Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) saturated coating.

The signal line insulation with the colours white and yellow is made of cell-PE, so the stripping can even be done with your fingernails to prevent wire damage on the silver coated copper strands commonly caused by mechanical stripping.

The resistance per signal lead is: 11.3 Ohm/100 meter.

The capacitance between the 2 signal leads is: 75 pF/meter.

Very flexible specially treated artificial fibres are used as a filler to prevent any harm caused by external humidity or chemicals.

The shielding consists of 96 x 0.10 mm. wires of a high grade Matched Crystal (MC) OFC with a dense and very pure silver coating and a LSC saturated helical tape.

The resistance of the shielding is: 2.3 Ohm/100 meter.

The very flexible black outer jacket is made of migration-free HULLIFLEX ® 3 to prevent any chemical deterioration over a long period.

The type printing repeats every 25 cm. (10") to make cutting of specified lengths easy.

The external cable diameter is: 4.5 mm.

Cable Type: Screened twin core (Balanced)

Conductor Material: HYBRID: High purity dense Silver coated high purity OFC + Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer(s)

Design Purpose/

Application Area(s): Tonearm and mixing console / tonearm to preamp, microphone and interlink cable

Eff. Conductor Ø/Eq. AWG No./Strands: Cores: 0.15 mm² / Cores: AWG 25.4 / Cores: 19; Screen: 96

External Diameter /

-Dimensions: 4.5 mm.

Resistance 20 °C / 68 °F: Cores: 11.3 Ohm/100 m.; Screen: 2.3 Ohm/100 m.

Capacitance: Core-core: 75 pF/m.

Insulation / Dielectric Strength / Test Voltage: Cores: Cell PE; Jacket: HULLIFLEX ® 3 / 300 Vrms min.

Connector Types Suitable: Our RCA type C - 5.5;

Standard Sales Units / -Lengths: 100 m. reels; Other lengths: please consult your van den Hul dealer or the van den Hul distributor in your country.

Jacket Colours Available: Black



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