VAN DEN HUL The D-501 Hybrid

VAN DEN HUL The D-501 Hybrid

Van den Hul The D-501 Hybrid. Cable for connecting turntables.

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Extremely flexible and with extremely interesting electrical qualities, The D-501 Hybrid is a legendary cable used in professional applications (mixing consoles, for example), as well as legendary High End audio components such as the SME Series reading arm V. The essence of this product is a topology that combines a group of copper conductors of high purity coated with high density silver with a final coating of Linear Structured Carbon (LSC) and a meticulous selection of insulators, resulting in a cable With electrical properties suitable for preserving the integrity of audio signals.

Technical characteristics

  • Very high performance cable and exceptional quality / price ratio for connecting turntables.
  • Van den Hul exclusive hybrid design driver.
  • Shielding formed by 96 threads of 0'1 mm made of high quality monocrystalline copper with silver coating of high purity and high density.
  • Extremely low parasitic capacitance.
  • Hulliflex high-performance external cover.
  • Finished with gold-plated van den Hul connectors.
  • Internal steel cable to provide extra mechanical strength that can also be used as an extra ground terminal.
  • Resistance of 11'3 ohms / 100 m for core and 2'3 ohms / 100 for shielding
  • Capacitance of 75 pF / m.


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