Tellurium Q Blue Speaker Cable

TELLURIUM Q Blue II. Speaker Cable

Tellurium Q Blue II Speaker Cable.

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The Tellurium Q Blue II is the entry-level cable that was designed to complement the Black, and has been described by a well-known speaker manufacturer as having "good mids, but with less definition and detail than the Black." While it has a great level of detail and good phase control it is less demanding on the system than the Black.

HiFi World has written that the most remarkable qualities of this cable are the absence of confusion with which it presents the music, and a more neutral sound, with greater focus, a sound that focuses us on the music. In fact the Tellurium Q Blue showed a tremendous sense of control; something I've never heard of with any cable in this price range.

Available with Banana or Spade connectors.

HiFiPig, 2014 review:
"El cable de altavoz Blue, es un buen ejemplo que un buen sonido con un buen presupuesto es posible"
- HiFi Pig, 2014

HiFi Choice Review Blue opiniones:
"Excelente de una manera distintiva ... La pista Emeli Sandé muestra que estos cables son más fluidos y melífugos"
- HiFI Choice, julio de 2013


HiFi Choice Review Blue
HiFi Plus Review
HiFi Journal Review
HIFI+ Awards Review


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