Tellurium Q Black Diamond Digital Streaming Cable

TELLURIUM Q Black Diamond Digital Streaming Cable

Tellurium Q Black Diamond Digital Streaming Cable.

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The New High performance Digital Streaming cable announced by Tellurium Q. This cable was announced to just a few distributors and already there is only limited first run stock remaining. We have been taken by surprise by the overwhelming response and feedback we are getting. Bringing better detail and a more natural sound than you might expect, performing as it does at the Black Diamond level.


K Chesworth Review:

“Just to let you know, the black diamond cable has now burnt in for about 100 hours using internet radio – what an amazing improvement!

Each day it has made very obvious gains which make you to check all your favourite tracks. It has moved from smoothing off edges to voices, cleaning up some bass hang over and bits more detail popping through to improving all theses things very very significantly. The whole 3D imaging, presentation and realistic feel is now an obvious gain making everything I stream seem much more ‘in the room’.

It is now one of the most significant improvements I have made, I was expecting an improvement but not of this magnitude. Also the improved separation between multiple vocals, the smoothness of some slightly edgy vocals ( such as Celeste or Fraya Ridings) and lovely detailed double bass sounds have been a revelation.”

Roland Dumont Review:

“This cable is fabulous.

The first thing that struck me was the extension and amount of the low frequencies.This draws a more complete and consistent stage. There is a tremendous amount of different shades together with an excellent precision of all bass sounds.

One can discover many more details throughout the whole stage. This stage is wider and especially much more deep. All this gives an excellent separation and placement of instruments. Voices now come from 3 dimensional faces.

Tones struck by instruments decay in the room until the very last end I definitely need such a cable.”


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