Van den Hul The Optocoupler MKII. Optical digital cable.

VAN DEN HUL The Optocoupler MKII

Van den Hul The Optocoupler MKII. Optical digital cable.

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Van den Hul The Optocoupler MKII. Optical digital cable.


Versatile and excellently constructed, this refined design by Van den Hul allows the popular digital fiber optic audio connection to be brought to new heights of excellence thanks to a design that provides signal transmission free of noise and interference and an extraordinary longevity. But the key to The Optocoupler MKII lies in the fact that its two ends of the only fiber it uses are finished in the form of convex (spherical) lenses. Thanks to this, it is possible to increase the focusing of the light beam, as well as to improve the contact between the upper surface of said fiber and the ends corresponding to the transmitter and the signal receiver, minimizing the optical insertion losses.

Technical characteristics

  • Optical digital cable of exceptional quality for transmission of audio or video signals.
  • Exclusive design of the ends in the form of convex lens that allows to reduce 50% the internal light reflections.
  • Guaranteed minimum bit rate of 250 Mb / s.
  • Wide pass band, low level of jitter and low losses (attenuation below 0'02 dB / m).
  • Available with standard and mini optical connectors.
  • Available in lengths of 1 and 1.5 m.


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