Thorens TP 92. Tornarm.

Thorens TP 92. Tornarm.

Thorens TP 92. Tornarm.

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Thorens TP 92. Tornarm.

The Thorens TP 92 tornarm uses low-friction bearings and a magnetic anti-bias system without adhesion. The armature is made of rolled aluminum, attenuated using "random-mass" reducing technology. The brass counterweight is double-disconnected and the toner arm is designed such that its center of gravity is level with the pick-up. Pick-up is adjustable for azimuth and overhang.
The TP 92 is a nine-inch cardan design that follows Loefgrens geometry. It was developed in parallel with the TD 309 record player, which allowed Thorens designers to achieve optimum compatibility. The horizontal bearing is a high-precision (Japanese) ball bearing, which uses a specially developed oil. It is located under the armature, at the level of the pick-up for increased stability. The counterweight, disconnected by two rubber rings, is also accurate with the pick-up.
The armrest is made of high quality, cold-cast aluminum. A laser vibrometer was used to analyze the resonance of the tube, to target specific frequencies.
The headshell is also made of aluminum and tightly coupled to the armature for increased stability. Overhang can be adjusted either by sliding the headshell into the desired position on the armrest or by adjusting the entire tube in the bearing block. The tube can also be rotated about its own axis to adjust azimuth. The shape of the headshell ensures that the center of gravity of the pick-up is always directly below the armature, preventing torsional vibrations.
VTA can easily be adjusted by loosening the arm lock nut and then raising / lowering the entire toner arm. Anti-skating, provided through two ferrite magnets, and can be increased or decreased by means of an adjustment screw.



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