ROGUE AUDIO TRITON II. Phono preamplifier

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The new Triton II is quite simply a great-sounding phono preamp and is a bargain for its price. With its wide variety of loading options, the Triton's flexibility and high performance make it suitable for virtually any cartridge and phono system. The all-new circuit design offers improved sound, better dynamics, a significantly lower noise floor, and higher overall gain (70dB). Due to its ultra-low noise floor, the Triton II excels with the toughest cartridges. We've also added a user-selectable noise filter and external mono switch to the new design.

General characteristics:

All moving coil (mc) or moving magnet (mc) operations

Three stages of amplification for ultra-low noise

RIAA accurate equalization +/- 0.1 dB 20-20KHz

Fully regulated massive multi-stage power supply

Vibration filter (user selectable on / off)

20, 30, 100, 300, 1K, 47k, 75K, 100K Ohm charging options

0, 47, 150, 470.1K Picofared upload options

Mono switch

Hatch cover for easy access to cargo

Four gain settings: 43dB, 55dB, 60dB, 70dB

Heavy duty gold RCA inputs

Precision components everywhere

Heavy Machined Aluminum Faceplate

Two heavy copper circuit boards (2 ounces)

Detachable IEC power cord

17 ″ wide x 9 ″ deep x 3.5 ″ high

Shipping Weight 18 lbs.

Fully handcrafted and designed in the USA.

3 year limited warranty


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