EAT E-Glo S is a hybrid phono preamp that uses ECC83 (double triode) tubes in the first and second gain stage. To obtain higher gain and lower noise, we used in the first stage a tube cascade connection with two low noise J-FET transistors connected in parallel.

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The RIAA curve is fully passive equalized and divided into two steps, allowing a perfect impedance match between the gain stage and the equalization block. The phono preamp does not have any global feedback. It has a solid aluminum chassis, with great possibility of impedance, capacity and gain adjustment. It has a subsonic filter with a soft effect that does not affect audible frequencies in an unpleasant way.

A very important part is the advanced power supply which uses anode voltage regulation and well filtered voltage. Filtering is done in three steps, this result is a perfect S / N ratio and an uninterrupted music experience.

Technical characteristics:

Input impedance mc 10,25,50,75,100,1000 ohm

Load capacity 50,100,150,150,200,270,320,420 pf

Output impedance 100 ohms

Load capacity 50,100,150,150,200,270,320,420 pf

Gain mm 45 db

Gain mc db

Riaa accuracy between 0.5db / 20hz - 20khz

Subsonic 18 db / octave

Input rca

Output rca

DC18V / 1 power supply

Dimensions w × h × d 435 × 90 × 270 mm



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