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Brinkmann Fein. Phono Preamplifier. EXDEMO

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This is a classic of the German High End that continues to maintain not only a spectacular value for money, but also an unprecedented capacity for seduction in a product that first saw the light no less than in 1985. Fruit of continuous improvements and refinements , The Fein uses a pure Class A circuit topology with all its operating points referenced to a single voltage compensated temperature source, as well as a power transformer designed to never enter into magnetic saturation thanks to the use of diodes very High speed and non-inductive resistors. The result: a cool and cozy sound like few that enhances the recognized magic of vinyl records.

Technical characteristics

  •     Pre-amplifier of high performance and exceptional quality / price ratio.
  •     Compatible with mobile coil (MC) and mobile magnet (MM) capsules.
  •     Executed with components of the highest quality.
  •     Separate power supply.
  •     Supplied as standard with a granite base.
  •     Frequency response of 20-50,000 Hz.
  •     Signal to noise ratio of 78 dB in MC Fono and 80 dB in Fono MM.
  •     Input impedance of 600 ohms in MC Fono.
  •     Selectable input sensitivity between 1 mV / 47 kohm (MM), 0.5 mV / 600 ohm (MC) and 0.2 mV / 500 ohm (MC).
  •     Dimensions / weight of the preamplifier (granite base included): 120x80x160 mm (W x H x D) / 4.4 kg.
  •     Dimensions / weight of the power supply: 105x60x100 mm (W x H x D) / 1.2 kg.


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