Van Den Hul The Colibri

VAN DEN HUL The Colibri

Van Den Hul The Colibri. MC Cartridge.

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It is the van den Hul no longer in cartridges, which means that it is one of the best products of its kind available on the world market and an unquestionable reference when it comes to making music the content of the grooves of the vinyl records. Created to enhance the sensational sound performance of the Grasshopper series and available in three versions with as many output levels, The Colibri is the ultimate expression of AJ van den Hul's talent and the consummation of a dedicated body and soul trajectory to the Search for the perfect reproduction of music recorded on the most popular of analog supports. Completely handmade and commissioned, The Colobri is a small work of art in electromechanical engineering in which apparently insignificant elements have been taken into account to improve the quality of the final sound presentation: minimization and adaptation of the global magnetic circuit To reduce the distortion, consequent reduction of the total mass of the assembly, suppression of the front pole piece thanks to the reduction of the length of the cantilever ... all this combined with extreme care in the selection of the materials. A simply sublime product.

Technical characteristics

  • Absolute reference and low / very low output pickup cartridge made by hand on request.
  • Mobile coil design (MC) with single crystal copper windings (XC and XC-HO versions) and gold (XG version).
  • Minimized magnetic circuit to reduce distortion.
  • Absence of front pole piece to reduce the length of the cantilever.
  • Open construction free of resonances.
  • Carbon-nylon (P) or metallic (M) body for optimum adaptation to the reading arm.
  • 0.22 mV RMS (XC) output, 0.3 mV RMS (XC-HO) or 0.38 mV RMS XG).
  • Type 1S Needle van den Hul.
  • Frequency response of 5-65,000 Hz.
  • Channel imbalance less than 0.5 dB.
  • Internal resistance of 21 ohms (XC), 96 ohms (XC-HO) or 36 ohms (XG).
  • Load impedance between 500 and 1,000 ohms (all 3 versions).
  • Supporting force between 1'35 and 1.5 grams.
  • Weight: 6 g version with plastic body and 7 g version with metal body


Absolute reference. Ultralight chassis. Monocrystalline gold mobile coil. Output: 0.23mV 5.630€
THE COLIBRI XGP Output: 0.38mV. Monocrystalline gold wire winding. 6.340€
THE COLIBRO XPP Output: 0.38mV. Platinum wire winding 7.260€
THE COLIBRI XPW Output: 0.38mV. Blackwood Body and Platinum Cable Winding 9.090€
THE COLIBRI XGA Output: 0.38mV. Amber body and gold wire coil 10.230€


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