Project Tube Box DS2


Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2. Phono preamplifier.

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Equipped with the unmistakable ultra-compact aesthetics and the entirely metallic construction of the DS2 models from Box Design, the Tube Box DS2 is a very complete audiophile grade electronic equipped with vacuum valves that puts in the hands of the demanding user the possibility to exploit , For a very attractive price, the potential of all types of pickup capsules, both mobile coil (MC) and mobile magnet (MM). The key to all this is to look for it especially in the exclusive circuital topology employed, designed by the prestigious Dr. Sykora to, in combination with rigorously selected discrete audiophile grade components, offer unprecedented levels of precision in a price phono preamplifier Democratic, which, in addition, far exceed those offered by much more expensive models. A completely double monophonic architecture to maximize channel spacing is the spearhead of exceptionally quiet circuitry with high precision RIAA equalization, featuring two ECC83 vacuum valves, allowing the Tube Box DS2 to simultaneously offer warmth, dynamics and High gain required by very low output mobile coil pickup (MC) capsules. The extreme flexibility offered by the Tube Box DS2 also speaks loud and clear the presence of a subsonic filter selected and the possibility of connecting up to two turntables, this last option allows the demanding user to enjoy two different sound aesthetics by acting on a simple pushbutton .

Technical characteristics

• Audiophile phono preamplifier and exceptional quality / price ratio.
• Based on vacuum valves (two ECC83 / 12AX7).
• Compatible with mobile magnet (MM) and mobile coil (MC) capsules.
• Adjustable input impedance between 10 and 1,000 ohms; Fixed of 47 kohm.
• 5 gain settings: 40 dB, 45 dB, 50 dB, 60 dB and 65 dB.
• 3 capacitance settings: 100 pF, 220 pF and 320 pF.
• Dual monophonic circuit topology with low noise design.
• Performed with audiophile grade components.
• High precision RIAA equalization circuitry.
• Possibility of connecting two turntables.
• All metal construction, antimagnetic and antiresonant.
• Dimensions: 206x91x227 mm (W x H x D).
• Weight: 1.65 kg.



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