Marantz PM8006. Integrated amplifier.


Marantz PM8006. Integrated amplifier.

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Marantz PM8006. Integrated amplifier.

Maintaining the popular aesthetic of Marantz's most affordable components, the PM8006 has been designed and built entirely in Japan as a one-hundred-percent analog integrated stereophonic amplifier. This means that a respectable output power adds a series of details that reaffirm once again the commitment of Marantz with music lovers. This is the case of the phono stage for mobile magnet capsules (MM) that it incorporates, of entirely new conception and executed with a studied combination of Hyperdynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM) and Field Effect Transistors (FET) at the entry stage. , in order to raise the impedance and to suppress the presence of coupling capacitors in the path traveled by the signal. The PM8006 also highlights the high quality of its terminals for the connection of up to two pairs of speakers. Constructed in solid silver plated brass to maximize contact with the cables, they are also located in the lower area of ​​the rear panel - and therefore closer to the main printed circuit board - to reduce the path traveled by the signal, which on the other hand, it is respected in all the circuitry of the PM8006. The new stereo integrated amplifier from Marantz also incorporates the three iconic separate tone controls - right, mid and bass - from the Japanese firm, to which five line inputs and a power stage preamp / input output must be added. In order to facilitate future expansion or integration into a Home Cinema system.


• Stereophonic integrated amplifier with exceptional quality / price ratio.
• Continuous output power of 2x70 W at 8 ohms or 2x100 W at 4 ohms.
• Executed with high quality components manufactured to measure.
• Phone EQ section (only MM capsules) of the latest generation
• Pre-input / input outputs to the power amplification section.
• Power supply with double-shielded toroidal transformer.
• New volume control managed by microprocessor.
• Antiresonant structure, with the base of the chassis built in three layers.
• Designed and built entirely in Japan.
• Frequency response of 5-100,000 Hz.
• Signal-to-noise ratio of 106 dB in Line and 87 dB in Fono.
• Dimensions: 440x128x379 mm (W x H x D).
• Weight: 12 kg.



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