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Final Audio Heaven VII. Earphones. SILVER OR BLACK COLOR

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The second highest-end model in the Heaven Audio range of Final Audio design is a refined product that blends lavishly delicacy and sense of luxury with state-of-the-art engineering to make the sound in privacy compete with that of the best speakers. With luxurious stainless steel enclosures covered in silver, the MIM or MIM or Metal Molding by Injection, a process of special manipulation of the metal that allows optimizing the acoustic properties of a metal enclosure, something impossible to carry Out with conventional machining. The new model of reference of the series Heaven also emphasizes to use a unique innovation recently developed by Final Audio: a transducer of type "BA" or Balanced Frame of full range, a small prodigy of the electroacoustic engineering that is intercalated between the posterior zone Of the new "body" of the Heaven and an acoustic filter located just before the "plug" fixing each headset of the same to offer a unique combination of deep bass and clarity. To this is added an already classic scheme in the headphones of final audio design: the system BAM or "Balancing of the Movement of the Air", that through the control of the air present in the chain of transduction manages to improve the response in serious and the spatial presentation . On the other hand, the special design of the "enclosures" not only contributes to increase its capacity of seduction but, above all, it facilitates the dispersion of the resonances, thus contributing to the obtaining of a rich, balanced, natural and free sound Distortion that minimizes auditory fatigue and invites long-term listening sessions.

Technical characteristics

  • In-ear reference earphones.
  • Silver-plated stainless steel enclosures manufactured by injection mold and optimized acoustically through a special process.
  • Exclusive full-range end-of-audio "Balanced Frame" (BA) transducer.
  • Exclusive BAM ("Balancing Air Movement") system of audio end to optimize the movement of the air present in the interior of each helmet
  • Maximum insulation against external noise.
  • Carrying case and interchangeable caps (5) supplied as standard.
  • Sensitivity of 106 dB / W / m
  • Impedance of 24 ohms.
  • Weight: 29 g.


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