Loudspeaker kit X-eed MKII Supreme

Loudspeaker kit X-eed MKII Supreme

Loudspeaker kit X-eed MKII Supreme

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The X-eed MKII are a 2-way bookshelf designed by Per Skaaning of Audiotechnology. Those reference monitors use the C-Quenze 18H52 mid-woofer and the Morel MDT-30S tweeter. The crossover is the MKII version.


Mid-woofer Audiotechnology CQuenze 18H521706SD
Tweeter Morel MDT30S
Mundorf Mresist Supreme 20W 6R8
Mundorf MOX 10W 3R3
Mundorf MOX 10W 10R
Mundorf CFC12 foil coil 1.8mH
Mundorf L071 coil 0.33mH
Mundorf CFC16 foil coil 0.82mH

2x Mundorf MCAP Supreme 4.7uF
Mundorf MCAP Audiophiler 3.3uF
Bass reflex port
Binding posts BP-530G o BP-270G
Internal cabling.
Schematics and detailed instructions.



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