Loudspeaker kit 8542 9700 Supreme

Loudspeaker kit 8542 9700 Supreme

Loudspeaker kit 8542+9700 Supreme

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This kit is ready to build a 24 liters high quality floorstanding. This kit uses highly regarded Scan Speak drivers:

18W/8542 mid-woofer (widely used by Proac), and the tweeter D2905/9700.

The crossover point is set at 2Khz with a 12db/octave roll off. The kit includes everything need to build the kit except the cabinet. The elements of this kit are (2x):

Kit Scan Speak 8542+9700 STD

Woofer Scan Speak 18W8542

Tweeter Scan Speak 2905/9700

Mundorf MResist Supreme 20W 1R8
Mundorf MOX 10W 8R2
Mundorf MOX 10W 15R
Mundorf L140 coil 1.8mH
Mundorf L071 coil 0.1mH
Mundorf L071 coil 0.15mH
Mundorf Ferrite Drum Core Coil 6.8mH
Mundorf MCAP Audiophiler 3.3uF
2x Mundorf MCAP Supreme 8.2uF
Mundorf MCAP Audiophiler 10uF
Bass reflex port

Binding posts BP-530G o BP-270G

Silver plated OFC Teflon insulated internal wiring.

Detailed instructions.



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