Mundorf MCap Supreme Silver Gold Oil 0,01-10uF

MUNDORF MCap SUPREME Classic Silver Gold Oil 0,01-10uF

Mundorf MCap Supreme Silver Gold Oil from 0,01 to 10uF, 1000VDC, 2% tolerance

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The foil metallization of this condenser consists of a mixture of silver with 1% pure gold. These sheets are also impregnated with the same oil used in the Silver in Oil. The exceptional sound quality offered by this condenser is similar to the Silver-Gold but with more naturalness. Of course this capacitor uses the M-CAP SUPREME® induction free winding series, with the advantages of minimum tolerances and high stability. A special system is used to reinforce the winding with which it is possible to drastically reduce the effects of the vibrations on the condenser (microphone). The exceptional Mundorf silver-gold plated polypropylene sheets allow exceptionally low tolerances to be maintained. These small tolerances are one of the keys to the magnificent reproduction of the sound that is achieved with these capacitors. The stability of the capacitors is equally important, of course. If there is no stability it is impossible to achieve constant performance, even using matched capacitors. The use of 1% pure gold produces an astounding result! The crystal structure of silver is improved decisively by gold. In this capacitor, speed and precision combine harmoniously with beauty and elegance. When the voices and instruments reproduce surrounded by absolute silence, with this capacitor can develop all its timbric wealth, clarity and energy.



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