Mundorf Mcap Supreme 0.1-22uF

MUNDORF Mcap SUPREME Classic 0.1-22uF

Condenser Mundorf Mcap Supreme from 0.1 to 22uF, 800VDC, 2% Tolerance

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The Supreme condenser range offers first-rate performance with a high price. There is no other capacitor of this quality at this price level. Maximum transparency and detail, with a clearly audible improvement in any equipment.

Induction free winding technology. The winding of two capacitors is interleaved so that their inductivities cancel each other out. This means that the windings of 2 uF capacitors are needed to make a single 1 uF capacitor, as well as to make a 4 uF capacitor with conventional technology. The polypropylene sheets used for MCAP Supreme® are treated to reduce losses to a minimum.

Exceptional encapsulated aluminum and plastic. This prevents the microphone effect, improving the correct transmission of micro information. The audible improvement provided by the MCAP-Supreme® justifies all the effort put into its manufacture. No matter where you use the M-CAP Supreme®, as a coupling capacitor in the CD player or amplifier, or in the speaker splitter filter, you will always get a surprising improvement. In addition, the improvement is not only achieved in very expensive sound equipment, but is even clear in basic equipment, making it a widely recommended improvement.



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