Accuton S280-18-282

ACCUTON S280-18-282

Accuton S280-18-282. Sandwich Bass.

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27 cm bass speaker with Sandwich membrane. The loudspeaker incorporates a neodymium magnet system. The coil is vented. During linear operation, the suspended voice coil remains fully within the magnetic field.

RMS power = 150 W

Frequency range = 31-1000 Hz

Resonance frequency = 20 Hz

Impedance = 18 Ohm

Sound pressure level SPL = 87 dB (2,83V; 1m)

DC resistance Re = 18.5 Ohm

Force factor BL = 23.7 N / A

Coil inductance L = 2.25 mH

Effective membrane area Sd = 408 cm2

Displaced mass. Air load mms = 63 g

Equivalent volume of compliance Vas = 226 l

Total quality factor Qts = 0.26 (Qms = 6.74, Qes = 0.27)

Coil diameter = 55 mm

Linear excursion xlin = +/- 6 mm

Mounting diameter d = 251.2 mm

Diameter / Overall dimensions d = 280 mm

Mounting depth (not countersunk) t = 131.95 mm

Weight = 3.8 kg

Vented box design parameters:

  • Vb: 62L, Port diameter: 70mm, Length: 240mm, Fres: 25Hz, F-3dB: 38Hz, Q: 0.58 (optimal)
  • Vb: 91L, Port diameter: 70mm, Length: 90mm, Fres: 29.5Hz, F-3dB: 31Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass)
  • Vb: 54L, Port diameter: 70mm, Length: 170mm, Fres: 31Hz, F-3dB: 39Hz, Q: 0.61 (0.7dB Ripple @ 50Hz)

Closed Box design parameters:

  • Vb: 39L, -5dB @ 40Hz, -17dB @ 20Hz, F-3dB: 50Hz, Q: 0.71 (typical)
  • Vb: 101L, -5dB @ 40Hz, -13dB @ 20Hz, F-3dB: 51Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass)


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