Accuton BD50-6-039

Accuton BD50-6-039 (contact us to know the price)

Accuton BD50-6-039. Inverted DIAMOND dome Tweeter (contact us to know the price).


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The BD50 – 6 – 039 is a 2 inch high – midrange driver with ultra hard diamond dome in a 106 mm frontplate. As the dome breakup frequency is around 30 kHz, no damping cutouts are required. The unsurpassed rigidity of the diamond dome leads to most accurate conversion from electrical energy to sound pressure. An FEA optimized underhung motor design with vented aluminium voice coil former and neodymium magnet guarantees low energy storage and good heat transfer. The soft fabric surround centers the moving parts with excellent linearity. We recommend an application above 800 Hz.


Ferrofluid loaded
Flange 82x 82mm
Cut-out 64 x 64mm
Depth 56mm


Znom 6 ohm
Re 5.8 ohm
Le@1kHz 0.04 mH
fs 290 Hz
Mms 1.71 g
Sd 23.8 cm2
VC Ø 30.5 mm
Qms 2.27
Qes 0.57
Qts 0.45
Mms .2 g
Cms 0.175 mm/N
BL - 5.64
Vas - ltrs
Xmax -0.2 mm peak
1W / 1m 93 dB
Nom. Power 120 W
Net weight 530 g



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