Scan Speak 30W/0-00-00

SCAN SPEAK 30W/0-00-00 Discovery - Passive Radiator

Scan Speak 30W/0-00-00 Discovery - Passive Radiator

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30 cm Passive Radiator
Alu Cone, Adjustable Mass

- Optimized for 30W/4558T00
- Rigid Black Aluminium Cone
- Die cast Alu Chassis
- Adjustable Weight for Optimum Fres
- Coated Sandwich Fibre Glass Dust Cap


  • Size (inches) 12
  • Fs (Hz) 9.5
  • Re (ohms) -
  • Sensitivity (dB)
  • Qt -
  • VAS (ltr) 200
  • Xmax ± (mm) -



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