Accuton C168-6-990

ACCUTON C168-6-990

Accuton C168-6-99. 7" Ceramic Cone Mid/Bass.


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Accuton C168-6-990 7" Ceramic Cone Mid/Bass

The C168-6-990 is a 7 inch bass-midrange driver with ceramic dome, being the first in an entirely new approach to Accuton speaker design. We pushed on speaker evolution again by inventing the 4D (Direct Dome Drive Design) concept, providing the shortest distance between voice-coil winding and dome. The spider is not connected to the voice-coil former anymore, thus removing 15mm of unneccessary former length. The result is an extremely true reaction of the dome. The low loss rubber surround is connected to the voice-coil former,preventing any kind of interaction with the dome. An open fabric spider centers the dome with a direct connection and high linearity. An ideal acoustical center has been achieved, which is identical with our tweeters. Its novel designed underhung motor does not cover the back-side of the dome, eliminating the chance for reflections and energy storage. We recommend our C168-6-990 for an application from 40Hz–4500Hz.

Main Features:

  • Ideal acoustic center
  • Proprietary 4D concept
  • No rear reflections
  • Underhung motor
  • 40 Hz in vented box
Mechanical Data
  • Overall diameter/square mm 130 
  • Cutout diameter/square mm  111 
  • Frontplate depth mm 6.5 
  • Overall depth mm 64.5 
  • Motor assembly depth mm 32 
  • Motor assembly diameter mm  102 
  • Screw fitting DIN 7984, 4mm 
  • Terminal mm  + : 6.3 x 0.8 / - : 6.3 x 0.8 
  • Shipping weight /net weight (one piece) kg 2.0 / 1.8 
  • Shipping box size (pair) mm 180 / 180 / 240 
Thiele/Small Parameters
  • Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m) dB 89.5 Lp
  • DC-resistance Ohm  6.4 Re
  • Resonance frequency Hz  72 Fs
  • Equivalent volume of air L  5.1 Vas
  • Mechanical Q 7 Qms
  • Electrical Q 0.52 Qes
  • Total Q 0.48 Qts
  • Effective piston area cm² 83 Sd
  • Moving mass g  9.4 Mms
  • Suspension compliance mm/N 0.52 Cms
  • Mechanical resistance kg * s  0.61 Rms
Voice Coil Data
  • Power handling Watt 120 P 
  • Linear excursion mm +/- 4  Xmax 
  • Voice coil diameter mm 38 
  • Voice coil former material Ti 
  • Voice coil material Cu 
  • Voice coil inductance mH 0.41 Le 
  • Force factor N/A 7.3 Bl 
  • Motor type Overhung 
  • Ferrofluid filling no 


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