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Aqua The Diva. CD transporter

Without any reservation, without any commitment, without leaving anything to chance: this is how Aqua has made La Diva one of the best compact disc transports on the market. Anyone who thinks there is nothing more to listen to on a CD will change their mind as soon as they hear this fantastic reader, which represents the culmination of Aqua's research and development in mechanical and electronic engineering.

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Aqua Formula. DAC converter.

Formula xHD Dac is the first in aqua-acoustic quality production to feature a proprietary D / A conversion system, which we call Optological Dac. This conversion system follows the same multi-bit technology (already used in previous acclaimed dacs like La Voce and La Scala) but with a discrete R2R resistor ladder instead of Burr Brown PCM1704 dacs. The xHD update shows a different dimension in digital playback.