Handmade Speakers, using one of our kits.

Published : 2021-09-01 - Categories : Default , Projects

Alejandro is a client who has made some boxes inspired by the Magico Mini 2 ... and they have been fabulous!

Alejandro was fascinated by the Magico Mini 2 monitors. However, the price of 20,000€ for the pair of speakers completely ruled them out. Here you can read a review of these monitors:

Magico Mini 2 Review

However, the desire of our client to be able to enjoy a team like the magical Mini 2 was still there and the idea of ​​making them himself began to go through his head. At Audiohum we are passionate about Diy / Hum and of course we were going to be there to give it the last push it needed to make them.

The kit that Alejandro has used in his team is the 18W8531 2904-70 SUPREME SPEAKER KIT

We leave you some photos of the process, I hope you enjoy them!









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